Fresh frozen cannabis is a must-have for a myriad of extraction processes. Processors making live rosin, hash rosin, live resin, and most exotic hash SKUs today all rely on flower that is frozen right after it comes off the plant. This is what constitutes fresh frozen, and that’s why “live” concentrates are so highly prized – they frequently retain the terpenes that the plant had while it was alive, thus making for a more vibrant profile in the concentrates made from it.

Business owners benefit from this process. To achieve the needed results, the flower is de-fanned, cut down and immediately frozen for processing. Doing so gives producers several benefits. Arguably the most important reason is its ability to preserve the rare, original terpenes found on each strain. This also allows producers to preserve the plant’s flavinoids that only a live plant possesses. Additional benefits include the removal of any drying or curing processes, which can be very time consuming and expensive at large operations. Time is indeed money here.

Freezing your flower does not just mean cutting the material and cooling it to its needed temperature. It takes skill to master this critical step. Without the proper technique, your operation will be left with brittle trichomes. To avoid such an outcome, top producers use washing or blasting methods. The conversion often comes out to around one pound of dry weight is roughly four pounds of fresh frozen weight. One major takeaway when freezing your material is that an important study demonstrated that when cannabis is frozen at around -4°F it has the best chance to prevent THC to CBN degradation. This is around the optimal storage temperature for your fresh frozen material.

Now, let’s look at two processing methods that benefit significantly from fresh frozen cannabis.

Fresh Frozen Live Resin from Kush Masters Live Resin

Chem Sour Diesel live resin made from fresh frozen at Kush Masters

Live Resin

Live resin (as well as live rosin) is regarded for its ability to mimic the freshness of the flower as if it was still at the grow. The term “live resin” means that fresh frozen material was extracted via hydrocarbon processing. Fresh frozen cannabis plays an integral part in creating the superior taste and aroma that comes from this type of concentrate. By essentially trapping the plant at that moment it was fresh cut, producers can tap into the plant’s most prominent and potent traits.

The essence of the plant’s smell and taste comes from its terpenes. In most extraction processes, many of these monoterpenes are lost during the dry and cure phase. Producers are also wise to freeze their plant within the hour after cutting, or it risks losing its monoterpenes. When implemented correctly, your live resin is one of the closest products to truly provide a full plant experience.

As a quick overview, producers can create live resin using fresh frozen cannabis by harvesting the crop carefully and immediately freezing the material at subcritical temperatures. From there, butane extraction methods extract the oils.

Live Rosin Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin Pure Cannalabs

Live Hash Rosin Badder from Essential Extracts

Live Rosin

We’ve made our stance on fresh frozen cannabis quite a bit in the past, and we’ll continue to do so when it comes to making live rosin. Just as it is with live resin, using the frozen plant material allows us to use source material that has essentially come right out of the grow.

Live rosin relies on freezing well after the concentrate has been extracted. At other points in the process, freezing water will assist in agitating, rinsing and freeze drying the hash that will be used for live rosin processing. This is the ice water hash process, which creates a truly premium cannabis concentrate that connoisseurs the world over demand.

Live rosin is created using fresh frozen cannabis, which is then washed in a bath of ice water to mechanically shear the trichome heads and stalks off of the plant material. Then, that slurry of trichomes and water is filtered through a series of fine micron filters, which are then collected, graded, and freeze dried. After freeze drying, the dry hash then is pressed into rosin.

Trichome heads are then separated and drained through the micron bags. Next comes the freezing and rinsing of the bags before they are removed until the extracted plant trichomes are found in your final bag. The last step involves scooping and shaping the hash into patties and freeze drying. Once complete, producers will have a frozen patty ready for one of the finest solventless processing extracts on the market today. Lastly, that freshly freeze dried hash, which is essentially just isolated trichome heads, is then either sold as-is or is pressed into rosin.

A Superior Product

Much of the market is willing to pay for products that meet their demands. Live products meet the requirements most customers set for paying a premium price. Because of its more robust profiles, live products are often the choice of cannabis connoisseurs and industry veterans as well.

By freezing the freshness of the plant, producers can generate more flavorful, aromatic concentrates than other processes can achieve. Solventless processing, in particular, ranks at the top of the pack. Who doesn’t want a product rich in flavors and aromas without any solvents used in the process? Fresh frozen cannabis can be used to make everything from dabs, to edibles, to topicals, and premium vaporizers as well, so the possibilities are endless for cannabis processors.

Whether using a solvent or not in your process, producers would be wise to consider utilizing fresh frozen cannabis. Live products rank right at the top of customer demand. With its propensity for delivering some of the most flavorful, aromatic experiences around, it should come as no surprise why we believe that both live resin and live rosin will be competitors for the top extracts in markets across the country and the world as taste preferences evolve in emerging cannabis markets.

Remember that fresh frozen cannabis benefits several concentrates more than the two listed above. As extraction technology continues to expand, be sure to follow which methods stand to benefit from a frozen flower. There is also quite a bit to learn about live products in the present. Be sure to contact our team of Consultants to learn more about fresh frozen cannabis, live products and all your other extraction needs.