To be competitive, cannabis brands need to offer their customers various choices that correspond to the latest buying trends. Solventless concentrates have been proven to provide options for both businesses and consumers. A solventless cannabis concentrate is made without any solvents, such as butane, CO2 or ethanol. This extraction method, which is also known as a mechanical separation (although the nomenclature is still being settled), keeps only the most desirable cannabis plant compounds, including its cannabinoids and terpenes. As such, solventless cannabis extracts are becoming the preferred choice among many adult use and medicinal consumers. 

This change in buying represents a growing shift in the market in recent years, one that has reached landscape-shifting proportions. What was once niche and hard to produce on a commercial scale continues to improve and expand access, providing a growing number of consumers eager to purchase solventless products wherever they are available. Demand is coupled with market change. The cannabis industry has become a highly competitive and fast-growing market. The once flower-dominant sector is on its last legs of supremacy, with concentrates eating into flower’s demand each year. 

One reason the market continues to gain ground is its options. A bevy of products awaits, including numerous solventless SKUs to round out your company’s product offerings. Adding solventless products and concentrates to your company’s portfolio will be crucial not only to respond to the customer’s demand but also to be able to expand and generate larger profits. Here are the options worth considering.  

Primary Equipment used in Solventless Extraction

Compared to the price it takes to startup a solvent-based lab, a solventless extraction process might be more suitable for your budget. Solvent-based extraction requires expensive chemicals, extra equipment and additional safety requirements. Solventless extraction requires fewer funds, and with minimal post-processing, you can create a variety of products that help offer the number of SKUs needed to most likely turn a profit. Before diving into SKUs, consider the comparatively low costs of solventless extraction equipment compared to other market options: 

Dry Sift

Dry Sift requires a sifting machine, like the Alchemist 420. This machine is a solvent-free trichome extractor that involves a dry process. If you are trying to make a high-end dry sift product, you might need a static cleanup to get as much of the debris out so you can get better-isolated trichome heads. 

Ice Water Hash or Bubble Hash

Ice water hash, also commonly known as bubble hash, is produced using ice, water and agitation to help obtain trichome heads. Several pieces of equipment, like a washing vessel, drain vessel, filtration bags and a  freeze dryer are required. It is made into many different quality grades, which are rated on a star system


You’ll need a rosin press and other equipment to ensure a safe, balanced and relatively clean extraction occurs. Using a premier rosin press ensures your company that it is offering enough SKUs to best position itself for profitability, because of the versatility concerning SKU creation that a high end PurePressure rosin press provides. These are some popular SKUs that you can include to generate lucrative earnings. Please note: the average retail pricing is denoted in the parenthesis below. These prices can be variable by market location.  

Hash and Sift SKUs

  1. Full Melt Ice Water Hash aka Six Star or “Melt” ($40-$100+ per gram): The ultimate product for hash connoisseurs, and it can come with a high but earned price tag. It is a pure, premium product with isolated trichome heads that provide the most robust capturing of the plant’s full profile. 
  2. Full Spectrum Ice Water Hash ($30- $60+ per gram): This high-quality ice water hash is created using multiple mixed micron bags. While not 6-star quality, this type of hash is pure, containing premium isolated trichome heads that range from a 3 to 5-star quality.
  3. Hand Pressed Hash or Bricked Hash ($25-$45 per gram): Whether looking for an old-era throwback or just a fan of the classics, hand-pressed hash is perfect for OGs and those just looking to top off a bowl. Modestly priced, you can feel like a vintage smoker without breaking the bank.
  4. Kief/Sift ($15- $30+ per gram): An easy an affordable concentrate, sift can be made from various sources, including trim, flower and popcorn buds. DIY home producers can check their grinder’s lower chambers for a glimpse. 

Rosin SKUs (retail pricing)

  1. Live Rosin ($40-$100+ per gram): A top-selling rosin product and also a connoisseur favorite. This extract tends to be the most profitable product per gram despite being the most expensive product. Having this SKU can help you build your brand and loyal buyers. Highly consider if you’re looking to build a brand. 
  2. Hash Rosin Vape Cartridge ($50-$80+ per half gram): A top-shelf cartridge that consumers love, rosin vape cartridges are considered the ultimate premium cannabis product among multiple consumer types. Hash rosin vape cartridges are beloved by consumers due to their high potency and discretion. This is truly the ultimate cartridge, but requires mastery of the ice water hash and live rosin processes to produce. 
  3. Dry Sift Rosin ($30-$60+ per gram): A popular rosin with very high versatility, dry sift rosin provides a step up from flower rosin, offering robust versatility and various types to consume. 
  4. Flower Rosin($25-$40+ per gram): Considered an entry-level rosin, this extract has a high-value ceiling due to its ease and budget-friendly extraction process that only requires dried flower. Check out some of our top rosin strain picks for inspiration.

Edible SKUs and More

  1. Topicals and Tinctures ($60 per 50 ml and more): A growing segment of the wellness market, full-spectrum, premium-quality solventless topicals and balms are quickly becoming highly desired. Catering to the pains of everyday individuals to athletes and medical patients, these fast-acting options represent a segment of vast opportunity for brands. 
  2. Hash Infused Pre-rolls ($15-$25 each): Pre-rolls are convenient, easy to produce and popular with consumers. These items come with a sound retail price and a competitive distinction brands can further establish through creative branding
  3. Solventless Edibles (Varied price): Solventless infused edibles tend to retail at 20% more than standard edibles. With the market continuing to diversify, edibles can appeal to just about any consumer in the space. 

Let’s Talk SKUs 

Today’s cannabis market is developing rapidly to meet ever evolving consumer taste preferences and demands. Only those that keep themselves on top of their game, understanding the opportunity to have a wide range of SKUs, will be able to increase their profits and build their brand.

Having a brand and product strategy, understanding your varied consumers, and analyzing the SKUs of existing competitors are all key to thriving in the market. That analysis is likely to lead to at least one conclusion: your company will likely struggle to be perceived as a premium brand if it does not include solventless products in its offering. Customers are inclined to choose options that seem the safest, cleanest and most enjoyable on the market. Solventless SKUs provide them with that at various points of entry, allowing virtually every consumer to participate.  

Ready to expand your SKU offering? Need some product strategy assistance?  Contact PureCannalabs so we can help you navigate the opportunities and become a key player in today’s premium brands.