If you own or operate a cannabis extraction lab or processing operation, or are planning on obtaining one, you are likely interested in solventless SKUs and products. You also likely have questions, perhaps a lot of them. Some common questions we frequently come across include: 

– How is solventless extraction different from extraction techniques that do use solvents? 

– Which method should we use to optimize the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in our products? 

– What about all of the science behind this? 

With so many questions to ponder, it typically makes sense to hire an expert to ensure that you and your team are ready to produce at a high level. 

Why Solventless Training?

A common mistake that many newer cannabis extraction labs make is that they decide to hire a new hash maker to get them started on making solventless products. Or they will do it themselves, causing endless headaches from the months of prep work, as well as R&D costs. 

With solventless training, you can avoid all of this and produce cannabinoid and terpene-rich products like full melt ice water hash (also known as bubble hash), live rosins, branded THCA isolates, as well as rosin topicals that will satisfy even the pickiest connoisseur. With the right solventless training, you can achieve some of the same results that even long-established cannabis businesses do – within just a few short days of training.

Consider PureCannalabs

An investment in a solventless lab is a life-changing decision. You wouldn’t open the hood of your car and just start working on it without any prior knowledge or mechanical training, and the same should be true for producing solventless products. 

Our team takes solventless training and rosin press training seriously here at PureCannalabs because we are invested in the ever-expanding cannabis industry for the long-term. We have many years of experience and know-how working with specialized extraction techniques. We also are highly specialized in staying up-to-date with regulations and consumer preferences that are also changing by the minute. This is a crucial aspect of any successful cannabis business. We pour all of this know-how and expertise into our solventless training and deliver it directly to you.

We have great resources as well. Our partner company, PurePressure, manufactures some of the best rosin presses and ice water hash washing equipment on the market today. Together, we have a passion for rosin press training and specialized extraction techniques. We view solventless training as a long-term investment, and we want to inspire the companies we work with to do the same. 

You will see a significant ROI in no time and save a lot of otherwise wasted material than if you utilized a trial-and-error method and attempted teaching yourself. The great part is that all of PurePressure’s devices are user-friendly and easily accessible. With PureCannalab’s rosin press training, you and your staff will begin producing top-shelf solventless products in no time.

Solventless Training from PureCannalabs – Available Options

No matter what products you want to train on, PureCannalabs has you covered and can teach you specialized extraction techniques to utilize immediately. With this expert solventless training, you and your staff will learn how to maximize your product’s cannabinoid and terpene content and produce clean, high-quality products. Not only can you get exciting and informative hands-on training (or video training, if that’s your preference), but you’ll avoid the headaches, months of prep work, as well as R&D costs associated with teaching yourself. You will soon be able to produce products that are of the highest value on the cannabis market.

We always recommended utilizing onsite training, but there is also video training available as well that can help teach specialized extraction techniques virtually. Here are the rosin specialized extraction technique training, rosin press training and solventless training options available from PureCannalabs:

Live Rosin

Live rosin is one of the hottest products on the market today. Made from fresh frozen-derived ice water hash, the process of producing live rosin begins with an ice water bath to preserve the strain’s terpene profile. The ice water bath also helps isolate plant trichomes. Following an ice water bath, the material is pressed using a rosin press – which can be completely customized for many different tastes and options. 

Full Melt Bubble Hash

Many say they make six-star bubble hash, but talk is cheap. With your training in specialized extraction techniques from PureCannalabs, you actually will produce resin that melts fully at low temperatures and leaves behind no residue. The effects and flavors of true full melt hash are second-to-none, making it a true connoisseur’s choice.

Live Rosin Sauce and Jam

Rosin sauce is made up of mechanically-separated terpenes and THCA isolate crystals. Made from cold-water extracted, fresh frozen bubble hash, live rosin sauce, and jam has an amazing shelf and jar appeal and is a delight to consumers.

Solventless Edibles, Topicals, and Tinctures 

Solventless training on edibles, topicals, and tinctures will set your lab apart from the competition who only offer traditional counterparts. Consumers will pay a high premium for these products that contain quality solventless food-grade rosin oils. These products don’t require quite as high of quality of cannabis as some of the other SKUs, so they offer great options when mid level quality material is needing to be processed into something wonderful.

Solventless THCA Isolate

THCA isolate crystals are coveted and can be sold for a pretty penny. THCA crystalline diamonds are either consumed alone or can be mixed with liquid terps to make an even more desirable product.

Contact PureCannalabs Today

When you partner with us, you can trust the experts at PureCannalabs to teach you how to utilize specialized extraction techniques. You will receive only the best, highest quality solventless training with PureCannalabs while learning how to produce a rare, highly sought-after solventless hash that your competition simply cannot offer. 

There is an option for any canna-business and any budget. The onsite option is one-to-five days of hands-on instruction from the best in the solventless training business. You will receive customized, personable rosin press training with your material at your facility. The video training option utilizes demos with real material and offers lessons you can put into practice immediately. 

If you have any questions about learning specialized extraction techniques or solventless training with PureCannalabs, we are just an email away. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you and your team learn how to make the best concentrates you’ve ever seen!