Cannabis concentrates are, without a doubt, one of the fastest-growing products in the cannabis industry today and for the past several years. What was once considered years ago to be a niche category is now an industry mainstay. That prominence is likely to gain with shifting consumer preferences due to the health-conscious trends in recent years. 

As advancements in extraction seemingly appear every day, we see more solventless cannabis SKUs opportunities for brands and consumers. According to BDS Analytics, United States concentrate market sales jumped from a 10% market share in 2014 to almost 27% by the end of 2019. The jump is indicative of opportunity in the sector. There is a wealth of versatility with solventless extraction. With an expected market estimate of $8 billion in retail sales for 2022, it is clear that solventless products should be considered a part of any brand offering.

However, none of this matters if your business isn’t using the proper materials. From flower to factory and everything in between, your brand must use the adequate materials to produce what consumers want. 

Quality Production Leads to Premium SKUs and Success

As just mentioned, cannabis brands of any size can benefit from a range of cannabis SKUs as long as they use their materials properly. Using the top strains for solventless is critical. So too is your equipment and the people handling the process. Be sure to listen to PurePressure’s Head of Marketing and Business Development to learn more about the solventless extraction process, where he offers up some additional strain picks as well. 

Sure, vertically integrated brands will have a leg up with a team of skilled experts on hand. That doesn’t mean that smaller ventures can’t produce its own superb creations, building a brand of their own in the process. The work may be a bit more taxing on smaller enterprises, but the passionate operators in this space and their products are living proof of the success generated by the hard work. 

Said work results in SKU variety of the highest quality for a business. When your venture finds itself at this position, it stands a high probability of turning a profit or breaking even. Data from the MJ Biz Daily Factbook that noted companies offering seven to ten SKUs found themselves with the highest chance of generating a profit. 

Popular Solventless SKUs 

Creating seven to ten SKUs could seem like a tall task to some operators. However, solventless extraction methods are well-suited to produce on a commercial scale at a growing rate. More so, these chemical-free options are rich in flavor and strong in potency. Using just a single high-quality strain, or more, and the right processes, your business could reach its intended SKU goal with these popular solventless products:

Live Hash Rosins

Live rosin SKUs are the hottest in the market. They tend to be the most expensive and profitable products per gram and a great option for your rosin SKU portfolio. Live hash rosin is a solventless hash oil produced from a freshly frozen material, producing some of the most stunning golden oils customers will ever see. Keep in mind that live rosin SKUs require very high-grade whole flower material to execute at the highest-level.

Hash Rosin Vape cartridges

Today, the epitome of cartridges on the market are hash rosin vape cartridges, the ultimate premium cannabis product for a variety of cannabis consumers. Hash rosin vape cartridges are beloved by consumers due to its high potency and discretion. They are considered a premium product that offers close to the full plant profile while steering clear solvents that many extracts on the market use during production.

Making hash rosin vape cartridges requires superior flower material to produce concentrates. The process involves pressing premium ice water hash or dry sift first to extract the terpenes, then again to isolate the THCA, which is then recombined to achieve the correct viscosity. 

Flower Rosin

Flower rosin is an entry-level rosin product, with a high-value ceiling. Requiring medium- to high-grade material, flower rosin production is relatively easy for most producers.  A great flower rosin SKU can be produced from strains that are rich in terpenes using low temperatures and its the easiest to make, Just press flower and voilá, flower rosin. Be sure to check out some of our top rosin strain picks for inspiration. 

Edibles, Topicals and Tinctures 

Solventless edibles, topicals or tinctures require mid- to low-grade material and produce items that are in-demand among a range of consumers, from medical patients to athletes and those looking to keep their skin vibrant. Making these products, be it edibles or otherwise, requires food-grade materials and processes. Keep this in mind when planning out your startup cost budget, as it can run the bill up a bit more depending on the product type being created.

Creating a Successful Cannabis Business

Creating brand success using various cannabis SKUs is achievable for any venture. Companies need to harness the materials they have and produce valuable SKUs using the proper equipment and production processes. When done correctly, brands should find themselves in a position to easily create the SKUs it needs to best position the business in the market. 

While the goals are achievable by all, everyone can use some help from time to time. The team at PureCannalabs is eager to do just that. From SKU selection to turnkey lab setup, our team can provide your business with the materials and know-how it needs to become a success in the cannabis marketplace. Contact us today to learn more.